Welcome to my homepage!

The point of this site is to provide pointers to various resources relating to me in some way or other. It is not a blog, because I am a terrible blogger. However, look to the left to see some of my current pastimes on the web.

About me

I'm a software developer in Bergen, Norway, with a background from the University of Bergen and its Department of Informatics. I like programming computers to do my bidding and be at my mercy. I like Java, cats, mountains, emacs, Linux, free culture, podcasts, beer, travel, and generally all the things that are nice.

I am not a fan of Rick Santorum.

Latest status updates

Oct 8: RT @nickm_tor: It's Columbus Day! Walk into a stranger's house, thank God for delivering you there safely, and claim it in the name of S ...

Oct 7: Cory Doctorow, redaktør og aktivist [i] magasinet Boeing Boeing. https://t.co/Ux0gGLBg

Oct 6: RT @StvAftenblad: Er lokkemannen i den hvite varebilen bare en vandrehistorie? http://t.co/GnQQfDbT

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